How this client tripled his pay – and you can too.

Here’s the story:

My client, John, is an auto locksmith.

A client, Peter, calls John and asks whether John can unlock his spare tire and make a new lock for it, at Peter’s house.

John says, “Yes, I can.”

Peter then goes on to ask, “How much?”.

John says, “$X”.

Peter then says, “Ok, here’s my address”.

And John calls me …

“What should I do, Alex?”

“Why, John, what’s the problem?”

“Well, this guy, Peter, he lives very far away. I’ll lose half my day to go there and make his lock.”

“Well, he’s going to pay you, right?”

“Yes, Alex, but I gave him my usual price that I give to my neighbor clients. I’ll lose money, if I go and do it there for him at this price. ”

“I see. Listen, John, there’s no problem.

Because you want to get paid and your client wants to have his new lock made at his house.

And if he wants you to do it, then he’ll pay double, or even triple your usual rate.”

“But, he won’t, he’ll say, “Its’ TOO EXPENSIVE!”.

“What have you got to lose, John?

You don’t want to do it for your usual rate, anyway.

Just call Peter and tell him, I’m very sorry, but the rate I gave you is only valid if you lived in my neighborhood.

Seeing that you don’t, I can still do it for you but for “$XXX”.’

John was very apprehensive, but he did call Peter and explain the situation.

To his surprise, Peter said, “No problem, when can you come?”.

What did I understand that John didn’t?

I understood that what Peter wanted and what John wanted were two different things.

And I helped each get what they wanted.

Help your clients get what they want and they’ll buy from you more often.

Yours for a higher income – faster,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov

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