How to flip frustration and force it to become the driver behind your online business breakthrough

Frustrated: that’s how I felt when I wasn’t making any progress and had no choice but to take just about any new client on board…

… Free: that’s how I feel now when I’ve earned the privilege to select my clients…

… and now, you can get that same privilege, too!”

Here’s the deal: if you want a flood of new business so you can finally flip frustration on its head, start making some real money online, and get the privilege to pick and choose your clients – guaranteed – just read on …

Dear Business Builder,

Just like you, I started my own online business to be free and live life on my own terms.Alex-Popov

But initially it didn’t’ work out as I’ve envisioned.

You see, I knew I had a good product – actually I felt it was far better than most of my competitors’ products – but for some reason they were raking it in, and I wasn’t.

And I needed to change that fast. (You see, my expenses were mounting and my income – shrinking.)

But to change that, I first needed to understand what the problem was.

So I dug deep – looking mostly in all the wrong places – and finally, just before the “lease” on my business was about to expire, I realized what my burning problem was.

Have you guessed it already?

Yes, the real problem wasn’t my product; it was my ability, or lack thereof, to sell it.

That’s how I discovered direct marketing.

I discovered what value every single word on my website, in my emails, and later on in my Google and Facebook Ads carried.

Finally things started moving and shaking for me and finally I started making money online – at first a trickle, then a little more, and more, and more, and now the sky’s the limit.

I felt victorious, free, liberated to enjoy life on my own terms.

(I work mostly from my villa in the mountains. I have time for my family. Life feels really good right now.)

Here’s my grandma, my wife, my daughter and me.

My family

So I decided to share that with you in the hope that you – if you haven’t already – would realize the importance of marketing your online business –the right way.

And there’s really only one right way, I know of, and it’s the way that opens up the floodgates and stuffs your pockets full of cold hard cash. I know of no other and no better way to liberate yourself and finally achieve the freedom and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

And what about the deal I mentioned in the beginning of this letter?

You see, I’ve spend so much time, money and effort in the past nine years to kick-start and grow my own online business, perfecting the craft of writing sales copy that actually sells, that I’ve fallen in love with the marketing part of the gig.

So much so, that I’ve decided to offer my skill and ability to other fellow business builders, just like you, to help you crank up your earning power and help you get your first or next big breakthrough.

Are you interested in any of this?

If so, here’s my offer to you:More sales or you don't pay.

Let me write your sales copy – landing pages, emails, google or facebook ads or any other sales copy you need …

Test it against what you have now.

And if it doesn’t beat it by at least 10%, I’ll simply return all your money back to you.

No questions asked.

With this arrangement you have nothing to lose.

All the risk is on me.

Apart from successfully selling my own products and services, I’ve already boosted profits for other business builders – just like you – by 30% … 36% … even 48%!

And here’s what they’re saying …

Think about it, what would a 30% … 36% … even 48% profit increase mean to you and your business?

Would it perhaps get you closer to your goals, liberate you, finally let you live life on your own terms?

I certainly hope so, because the feeling is worth every effort.

But don’t decide now. First have a look at everything I’m offering you here now: Boost Your Profits – Guaranteed!


Alex Popov

Alex Popov

P.S. Here’s what Kristiana Mitkova, one of my clients, is saying:

“Alex Popov’s sales copy has helped us build our company from a $ 5 000 start up to a $140 000 a year consultancy and growing.”
– Kristiana Mitkova, Marketing Director, Firebird Trainings

I’m confident I can do the same for you – or your money back!

But you must act fast.

Here’s the deal, check it out now and let me Boost Your Profits – Guaranteed!