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Dear Business Builder,

There are four fundamental pillars on which to base your online business for maximum profit.

Use these elegantly and consistently and you stand a HIGHER chance to grow your online business at light speed, see the trickle of money you make online turn into a torrent of cash, and finally start to fully enjoy the good life you’ve envisioned.


Here they are:

  1. Customer attraction;
  2. Customer acquisition;
  3. Customer satisfaction;
  4. Repeat …

Here’s how you make it all happen:

Customer attraction: please pay close attention, because this is the most important step as it unlocks the whole chain …

Customer attraction is based on your ability to market your online business.

Here you need to know two things:

One, what media to use (for example: Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc.) and;

Two, how to write web copy that grabs your potential customers and clients by the eyeballs and doesn’t let go until they’ve sucked in every red hot word of your sales copy.

(These are your squeeze pages, landing pages, e-newsletters, email marketing campaigns etc.)

Done well, that naturally leads you to step two …

Customer acquisition: here, through the power of your electrifying sales copy, you “convert” your prospects into paying clients, who gladly hand you over their cash.

(This is where it gets interesting, because through the power of your online marketing you’ve kicked your online business into high gear and started making real money online.)

Notice, step one and two hinge on your ability to weave a believable story attract your potential clients and entice them to buy from you.

Only after you’ve successfully completed step one and two can you go on to step three …

Customer satisfaction: A business builder myself, I know from personal experience that most of us are in love with our own products or services.

But it’s crucial for you to realize that your product or service comes third in this game. (If you want more in depth information on why that’s so, I’ll give you a useful link at the end of this letter, where I’ll explain it in detail.)

You see, I believe you’re reading this because you offer something very valuable to your customers and clients.

That’s why, I think, this is going to be the easiest of all steps for you, so I won’t dwell much on it.

Let’s just say, here’s where you deliver and OVER DELIVER on your promises.

Don’t just aim to satisfy your customers and clients. Aim to make them so happy with your product or service they can’t but become raving fans (think Apple).

Why raving fans you ask?

Because, that’s the surest path to our final-to-first step on the spiral of success…

Repeat: So far, I assume, you’ve completed the first three steps successfully.

Congratulations. You deserve a pat on the back. Now let’s go make some more money online. Ok?

At this, final-to-first step, you stand the HIGEST chance to sell more, make even more money online, and make your clients happier.

Why not?

They already trust you. They already know how good it feels to have you and your product or service by their side.

So why not bring even more value into their lives and why not rake some more cash in for yourself?

I’ll leave you with that for now.

But expect more …

Alex Popov

Alex Popov

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P.P.S. Here’s the useful link I promised you: Why Clients Buy?