Wanted: Your Web Design And Web Development Services

Dear Reader,

My name is Alex Popov and a client wanted a bump in inquiries for their web design and web development services, so I wrote this landing page for them.

Notice how in the sales copy:

1. I position them as a partner:

“How Would You Like To Have A Proven, Experienced, And Loyal Digital Partner To Take Care Of All Your Website Needs – Immediately As They Arise – So You Have The Convenience To Work On And Grow Your Business With Peace Of Mind?

2. I focus on the emotion of security and stability:

“My goal – here at Go Live UK – is to deliver stable, predictable and sustainable website development and support.”

3.  I focus on speed and accountability:

“That’s why my focus and the focus of my team is on immediate response, rapid action and speed of implementation.”

Here’s the complete landing page.

Why don’t you see for yourself what other sales ideas you can find inside?

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ATTENTION Business Builders:

“How Would You Like To Have A Digital Partner With 17 Years’ Experience To Take Care Of All Your Website Needs – Immediately As They Arise – So You Can Grow Your Business With Peace Of Mind?”

Read on if you have a working business and enough business experience to know that having loyal and experienced employees and partners, who provide the stability to work on and grow your business is the key to developing, improving and sustaining a business in the long run.

From the desk of Ivan Yordanov
(Director Go Live UK)
Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Fellow Business Builder,

When I laid the foundation of Go Live UK – 17 years ago – there were few web solutions providers in the UK. Now there are many. Some come and some go.

But when it comes to your business online you are still in a not-so-easy position, to choose whom to entrust with the serious responsibility and care of your website.

That’s why, I decided to write this letter and tell you what our strengths and weaknesses are, so you can determine whether we’ll be the right digital partner for you.

My goal – here at Go Live UK – is to deliver stable, predictable and sustainable website development and support. 

When all your website needs are taken care of – immediately – you can have the stability and peace of mind to work on and grow your business.

We’re not a one man show. My team consists of 16 experts.

And we value your time.

I know that in this day and age money is attracted to speed.

And that for medium and large businesses the speed of implementation makes the difference between mediocrity and success.

That’s why my focus and the focus of my team is on immediate response, rapid action and speed of implementation.

I know from experience that when you call you partners, you want to have a real person to answer you  immediately and to offer and implement the solution that you need right when you need it (which in 95% of cases is immediately).

I know that you cannot wait for the developer to return from holiday!

That’s why I have several developers and yes, they go on holiday but there’re always at least two experts, here at our offices, ready to help you immediately.

Here at Go Live UK, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to work with you every step of the way.

Your account manager will be easily contactable by phone, e-mail and Skype to answer any one of your questions and to ensure that your project is completed successfully and to your complete satisfaction.

My team and I have another distinct advantage:

We are fluent in all major programming languages: ASP.Net, PHP, Java Script, HTML, CSS and all major platforms: WordPress, Magento, DotNetNuke, Drupal, Joomla.

The reason is that now more than ever we live in a complicated and interconnected world.

In many cases my clients ask: “Our site is on ASP.net but we have a MySQL database that we’d like to integrate within our website. Could you do it for us?”

We can.”

As I mentioned, I’ve been in business for 17 years. And my team and I have built and managed many, many websites for local (within the UK) and international businesses.

Our experience has taught us not only website development and management, but also the international standards of doing business.

Because of our experience, we provide additional benefits for our clients.

We consult you and make sure that you not only have a great website, but you also adhere to international law.

But even if you’re just doing business within the UK, it’s important for you to know that we’re the only web solutions company in the UK that provides you a certificate of ownership upon completion of your website.

What does that mean?

According to UK legislation, a website’s coding belongs to the developer while the design belongs to the designer.

Unfortunately, some companies tend to abuse that and many people end up investing resources in a website that isn’t actually theirs.

We don’t think this is ethical!

That’s why we issue a Website Ownership Certificate along with a Job Completion Pack upon launching your website.

We also guarantee our customers that when a domain name (www.yourwebsitename.com) is purchased on your behalf you will be registered as the owner.

This way you are ensured that your website is truly yours, which grants you complete freedom to manage it in any way you please.

Along with your Website Ownership Certificate and Job Completion Pack you also receive our 
5-Year Satisfaction Guarantee!

Go Live UK guarantees that your website will perform impeccably from day one for at least five years.

Our guarantee covers you against any bugs that might arise within a five year period.

The guarantee holds true as long as your website is hosted and managed by us.

Please have in mind that our hosting and managing are no more expensive than any other hosting and managing on the market.

It’s just that when you have your website hosted and managed by us, I can guarantee that only my experienced developers will ever work on your website.

As you can see, we’re offering you much more than just website development.

What we’re offering you is website development, website management and we also offer reliable hosting and extra fast servers.

Because in today’s day and age a website isn’t just a static online business card!

Today most websites consists of: the website itself, security, mail, spam filters, video, audio etc.

Your website also needs to meet usability requirements such as to work well on all devices: iphone, ipad, android, laptop, pc and integration with the major sellers and resellers such as amazon, ebay etc.

And again it all comes down to speed.

In this environment where your website constantly needs to be able to meet the ever changing requirements of the dynamic plethora of devices and platforms you need a proven, reliable and loyal digital partner such as Go Live UK.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

I am absolutely delighted with the services we received from Go Live UK Ltd, which not only met but exceeded our expectations. The website has been a fundamental part of our sales activity. Having the ability to be able to take online orders and payments increased significantly our operational efficiency.

AVC Group (currently a division of Sky Digital)

Speed, Price, Quality, Attention to detail and going the extra mile has earned Go Live UK a “trusted advisor” partnership with us. As you can tell I’m biased but in truth they deserve the accolade.


We are impressed with Go Live UK. They always deliver first-class results to our specifications.

Parks Candles

Good job done in the new web site. It looks better than the old one and match with the current age web sites. Congratulations!

State Bank of India

In our experience, we have found Go Live UK to be extremely courteous and professional, with a managing director who has a personal approach to each individual client’s needs. Whenever we have used their help desk, we have been given speedy and efficient solutions. We are very happy to have Go Live UK on our side.

V Fund

We guarantee rapid response, rapid action and immediate implementation by completing the circle from the domain name and hosting, through the building of the website itself, to the managing and constantly keeping your website current and all of its structures buzzing impeccably!

This way you have the time and the peace of mind to work on and grow your business!

There are many small companies that can only support your growth so far.

But if you’re serious about your online growth and profits, you’ll appreciate the fact that we can support you from the birth stages of your project to your full blown development and growth.

With Go Live UK you save yourself hassle and pain as you won’t need to constantly change your digital partner to match your growth and potential.

Although we can work internationally with you, we’re NOT a kitchen table business.

You can come and talk to real people here at our UK offices: 52 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3EP UK.(or we can come to your offices and talk with you if you prefer).

In conclusion I might say, that we respect your time. We get the job done right away, the way you requested it, and within budget.

We aren’t doing anything special here, apart from doing our job immediately and well.

I’d be happy to discuss your project with you when you call: 000 0000 0000

Ivan Yordanov
Director, Go Live UK

PS If you value your time and if you need the peace of mind to work on and grow your business, my team and I can take care of all your website(s) needs and requirements, and provide you with the speed, stability and security to grow your business online.

To discuss your project, with an expert, call now: 000 0000 000

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