What email marketing secrets I used to generate four hot leads, with a single email, for this client?

“After their in house email marketing campaign produced ZERO results (and got them very frustrated), one of my clients attracted FOUR hot leads with a single email I wrote – sent to the exact same list.

They sell complete website solutions. And those 4 clients can well mean sales of $ 10,000 and UP!”

Dear Business Builder,

You probably know that clients usually buy for their own selfish reasons.Alex-Popov

And to make money online, so you can grow your online business to your heart’s content, you really must know what these reasons are.

But most business builders don’t.

For example, do you know the precise answers to these simple questions:

1. What’s a burning problem your clients urgently want a solution to?

2. What is it they really desire?

3. What else is important to them?

(A simple but powerful direct marketing and web copywriting secret: understanding your clients’ deep psychological drivers is a key aspect of your online marketing strategy that predetermines the success or failure of your sales message.)

So why not have a look at what one of my clients answered, after a little probing on my part?

“My clients don’t just want a website built …

They want:

  1. An experienced digital partner (this will give them security)
  2. To understand, consult, and build their website per their requirements (this will get them what they really want)
  3. And to take care of all their consequent website needs fast (this will give them stability to grow).”

And here’s part of my email that generated the four hot leads I mentioned:

“How Would You Like To Have A Digital Partner With 17 Years’ Experience To Take Care Of All Your Website Needs – Immediately As They Arise – So You Can Grow Your Business With Peace Of Mind?

I know that you can’t wait for the developer to return from holiday!

That’s why the focus of my team is on immediate response, rapid action, and speed of implementation.

(We are 16 experts. And we’re fluent in all major programming languages.)

We respect your time. We get the job done right away, the way you requested it, and within budget … “

Compare it with a part of one of their emails that brought ZERO leads and a lot of frustration:

“With Company Name constantly expanding and adding services, new tips and hints to build your web presence and a ton of extras, the best way to stay up to date is to connect through social networks.

Get the latest information on everything about Company Name as soon as it’s released, and stay on the lookout for discounts and giveaways …”

Feel the difference?

(Clients feel it, too.)

So why don’t you try to answer these simple questions for yourself and then use the answers to make your email marketing campaigns more vibrant, more alive, and more profitable?

Yours for a higher income – faster,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov

P.S. If you’re interested in understanding your clients’ psychological drivers at a deeper level, so you can boost your email marketing success off the charts, check this out: Why Clients Buy?