What’s the one thing every cash-pulling online business has in common …

… and how you can use it to make more money online?

First, their entire approach to online marketing is based on the sound, proven principles of direct marketing. Alex-Popov

Second, every cash-pulling online business relies on their copy to convert clicks into customers and customers into long-term buyers.

And when it comes down to copy; it’s not creativity that makes it do the trick, because more often than not, creativity doesn’t sell.

It’s not the technical parameters of your product or service that will do the trick, because prospects get bored with features and technical details.

(And prospects who are bored would not buy.)

It’s not your competence or how long you’ve been in business, because prospects don’t care about you, but about themselves.

When it comes down to copy, in almost every case, you’ll find this basic underlining structure:

  1. A good headline – one that grabs attention and makes you READ ON …
  2. A good argument – that’s both logical and emotional.
  3. Proof – that what you claim is true.
  4. All potential objections covered satisfactorily – so there’s nothing stopping the customer to buy.
  5. A clear call to action – telling the reader “get this and get it NOW”.
  6. Optional: a good P.S. – summarizing your offer or adding additional value to your offer.

Use this proven direct marketing strategy and you’ll, almost certainly, see a significant surge in your online profits.

Yours for a higher income – faster,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov

P.S. Almost forgot, you can use this proven, profit-pulling, web copywriting structure to supercharge your squeeze pages, landing pages, e-newsletters, and your email marketing campaigns, too.

Here’s how I used it to generate four hot leads, with a single email, for this client…