A common mistake made when hiring copywriters

“This enlightening article is courtesy of Bob Bly.”

Dear Direct Response Letter Subscriber:

Are you a price buyer?

A price buyer is a customer whose sole concern is paying the
lowest price possible — without considering the quality of the
product or service they are purchasing.

When it comes to marketers, many are price buyers when shopping
for freelance copywriters.

If you are a marketer, should you shop Google for the
lowest-priced copywriter you can find?

Well, the range of fees freelance copywriters charge today is all
over the lot — and may seem puzzling to you as a potential buyer
of copywriting services.

On the high-end, top industry pros can command huge fees to write
magalogs, direct mail packages, landing pages, video sales
letters, brochures, catalogs, and other long-copy assignments.

On the low end, you can find beginners who charge $1,000 or less
to write a landing page, $100 to write a page of brochure copy,
and as little as $50 for online articles. If you outsource
overseas, you can even find writers to do online articles for $5
each (you can imagine how good they are).

So which option — the expensive pro or the bargain-basement
beginner — should you choose? It really depends on you, your
business, your goals, and your budget.

If your budget is tight — and you don’t have the time or
inclination to write your own copy — and you view copy as merely
words on a page or screen — then by all means hire the cheapest
copywriter you can find.

After all, anyone can put words on a screen or page. Anyone can
write. We all do.

On the other hand, perhaps you want your copy to generate
specific marketing results — including more click-throughs,
increased Web traffic, higher conversion rates, or more leads or

That’s something very few copywriters know how to do. If you’ve
ever hired an inexpensive beginning copywriter, you know that
what I am saying is true.

When you depend on copy to make money for you, then you might
consider hiring a copywriter with more experience, greater
knowledge, and a long track record of writing profitable
promotions for clients big and small.

Why? Because with any kind of online or offline marketing that
generates direct sales or leads, strongly crafted copy is an
investment, not an expense.

For instance, if you sell big-ticket items, your investment in
strong copy can pay for itself many times over — even if that
copy just produces a few additional sales.

Or say you have a landing page for a $79 product generating
$100,000 a year in revenues with a 2% conversion rate.

If strong copy increases that conversion rate from just 2% to 3%,
that copy will generate increased sales of $50,000 within 12
months – and half a million dollars more over the next decade!

So what are you looking for in a copywriter — “words on a page or
screen” — or strong, hard-selling copy that drives response rates
through the roof?

I close with these words of wisdom from the late English
philosopher John Ruskin:

“There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make
a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who
consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.”

Bob Bly
Copywriter / Consultant