Bringing down the three false “Gods” of email marketing

These are false “Gods”!

And if you’re praying at their altars, you’re bleeding yourself dry.

And I’ll also explain why they have so many followers…

False “God” #1: Open rates are crucial.

Yes, they’re certainly important. But so long as you don’t deposit open rates into your bank account, I suggest you use them as a simple behavioral metric.

False “God” #2: Spending a ton of time tracking which of your links (inside your email) your clients clicked.

While it’s good to have several links inside your emails, spending too much time trying to figure out which one your clients clicked and why, more often than not, chips away at the more important (and profitable) tasks you need doing.

False “God” #3: Your emails have to be useful.

Yes, this is important. But to make your emails really profitable – so your clients can’t wait to open and buy from them – you need to make them interesting too.

Why then are so many experts pushing these as the true “Gods” of email copywriting and email marketing?

Simply because it’s much easier to achieve open rates than sales… spend time analyzing than thinking new angles… write a dry, boring, factual email than making it interesting and dripping with sell.

That’s why.

Yours for windfall profits,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov



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