Build freedom – the email marketing way

Do you want to be free and live life on your terms?

If you don’t, this letter will be a total waste of your time.

If you do, you’ll find what follows interesting and highly profitable.

If you have a business, you probably have a website and an email. And you probably have clients. And they probably have emails too.

How enlightening. Right?

But stay with me because…

You probably don’t have a video recording studio to produce expensive VSL (Video Sales Letters). And you probably don’t have hordes of highly skilled sales people.

Very few businesses do.

But virtually every business has a website and an email.

And email copywriting is the easiest, quickest, cheapest, and most highly profitable form of direct marketing there is.

Even Harvard Business Review concludes:

“Email beats the competition from a measurability standpoint.

“With email, you know within 24 hours exactly which messages have been opened, by whom, what links the openers clicked on, and what part of your message was working.”

And even the companies who have video recording studios and hordes of highly skilled sales people use it.

So why don’t you?

Only catch is to make email work you need to become a damn good email marketing copywriter.

It’s doable, but it takes time and practice.

And if you’re willing to learn how to do it really well, that would be a great investment in yourself and in your business.

But if you don’t want to or don’t have the time to learn how to do it really well, why not let me do it for you?

These businesses did and here’s what they’re saying:

“Alex Popov’s sales copy has helped us build our company from a $ 5,000 start up to a $140,000 a year consultancy and growing.”

– Kristiana Mitkova, Marketing Director, Firebird Trainings

“Our own new customer acquisition effort wasn’t working well.

Alex Popov managed to produce a 30% increase and I’m very happy.”

– Svetla Georgieva, CPA

“Our copy produced more calls. His copy produced 36 % more sales.”

– George Hristulev, founder and CEO, Web Direct

“Alex Popov’s landing page and email sequences are responsible for increasing our sales by 48 %.”

– Albena Ivanova, Marketing Director, GPS Control 

Here’s the deal: More Sales or You Don’t Pay!

Let me write your landing page(s), email(s), or any other sales copy you need.

And if my copy doesn’t boost your sales – by at least 25% –you don’t pay!

Do you think this a fair deal?

If so, why not get in touch now:

You don’t need a video recording studio.

You don’t need hordes of highly skilled sales people.

All you need is a website and an email.

I’ll do the rest for you.

Alex Popov

Alex Popov



P.S. In December 2015, as their health copywriter, I increased the sales of the juggernaut marketer Agora Inc. in the hyper-competitive U.S. health market by 42.42%.

I did it for them and I could do it for you.

Think about it:

What would a 42.42% increase in your sales mean to you?

Don’t waste another minute.

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