Can email marketing buy you LOVE?

A friend was telling me about his highly-paid job and how it was extremely demanding on his time and energy.

He was happy with the money and proud to be able to take, financially, such good care of his family.

But he was also a little sad he didn’t have enough time and energy left to spend with his baby daughter and his wife.

And this reminded me how demanding but also how liberating what I do is.

I write email marketing campaigns, landing pages and any other type of copy that sells.

I work with clients all over the world.

And I help them make lots more money and have lots more freedom to grow their businesses and spend much more quality time with their family and friends.

In that sense, email marketing doesn’t buy me or my clients love, but it gives us freedom to live life on our own terms.

And if that’s something you’d like too, feel free to contact me now and see if I can’t make your email marketing, landing pages, or any other sales copy you need pull that much more cash for you so you can live life the way you envision and deserve.

Yours for windfall profits,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov



P.S. Here’s what my clients are saying:

“Alex Popov’s sales copy has helped us build our company from a $ 5,000 start up to a $140,000 a year consultancy and growing.”

– Kristiana Mitkova, Marketing Director, Firebird Trainings

“Our own new customer acquisition effort wasn’t working well.

Alex Popov managed to produce a 30% increase and I’m very happy.”

– Svetla Georgieva, CPA

“Our copy produced more calls. His copy produced 36 % more sales.”

– George Hristulev, founder and CEO, Web Direct

“Alex Popov’s landing page and email sequences are responsible for increasing our sales by 48 %.”

– Albena Ivanova, Marketing Director, GPS Control 

Here’s my personal guarantee to you:

If my copy doesn’t boost your sales or inquiries – by at least 25% – you don’t pay!

Here’s how to get in touch:

P.P.S. In December 2015, as their health copywriter, I increased the sales of Agora Inc. in the hyper-competitive U.S. health market by 42.42%.

Why not let me do the same for you?