Do you make these mistakes in your email marketing?

Your profits and the growth of your business depend on your email marketing building goodwill and making sales.

Problem is most email marketing copywriters don’t seem to know where to draw the line …

Some pour their heart and soul into giving away valuable content, which breeds an email list of people who only expect something for nothing and rarely buy.

They may open and read your emails, but they rarely buy and sometimes might even get angry you’re trying to sell them something instead of giving it away free.

Other email copywriters lean on the hard sell side. They would not send an email unless it sells something.

The danger here’s a dwindling email list size, because of the sell, sell, sell only mode of the email copywriter.

In my personal email copywriting experience the best route to go is combine goodwill with varying degrees of sell.

This way your customers stay on your list, because you give them useful tips and tricks and, at the same time, they “agree” on seeing your offers almost each and every day.

And, as you probably well know, the more often they see your offers, the more often they buy.

This way you help them in your emails a little and with your products or services A LOT!

Yours for windfall profits,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov