Five ghastly evils that strangle your email marketing sales

Not mailing your list regularly:

This evil destroys your relationship with your list. It has no chance to develop. So they are less likely to buy from you – and more likely to buy from your competitor.

You only bore people if you fall victim to the next evil

Not mailing fascinating and helpful stuff:

This is not easy, I know. But fail to do it and your list turns from hot to lukewarm and eventually frozen. You must invest time thinking “how can I help these people?”

Not selling your products or services often – and with zest:

This is bad both for you because you make no money. And bad for them..

You offer something that can help them – right? Then don’t be coy or shy about it. You are doing them a favor.

Not coming up with fresh, new sales angles:

Fail to do so and you end up selling to a small – and dwindling – minority of people that your current angle appeals to.

There must be other approaches that work. Your job is to find them – and express them persuasively.

Done rights it’s like putting Kind Midas to work for you.

You will never enjoy the success you deserve until you understand how important these things are … and act accordingly.

The good news is: there’s a simple and proven way to exploit all these and MORE for your benefit …

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– Kristiana Mitkova, Marketing Director, Firebird Trainings

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Alex Popov




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