“How I increased the Institute for Natural Healing’s sales by 42.42% in December 2015”

Think about it…

What would a 42.42% boost in sales mean to you and your business?

If you’re making a $100,000, all of a sudden you’re making $142,420.

And if you’re making $1,000,000, all of a sudden you’re making $1,424,200.

Well, that’s what the INH got – and you can too – as I’ll explain …

But that wasn’t an easy win. You see, the sales letter I was up against was VERY strong.

And I don’t need to tell you natural health is a fearfully demanding market.

Nor that good health copywriters are rare as hen’s teeth…

So how did I generate this windfall?

Not by magic…

My letter won because:

  1. I spent days and nights studying the latest research so that …
  2. My headline exploited prospects’ fears and needs
  3. And dug deeper into their strongest emotions…
  4. So my arguments convinced and persuaded far more.
  5. And once you know how to deploy these weapons, it’s far easier to close more sales. 42.42% more sales to be precise.

Nothing glamorous. Just plain hard work, midnight oil, and an understanding of why people buy.

And in a moment, I’ll tell you about my secret weapon … But first:

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But you must hurry!

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Yours for windfall profits,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov