How to Effectively Use the Most Powerful Emotions in Health Copywriting

Dear Reader,

What does an aging or sick person really want?

They want somehow things to go back to “normal”.

The way they once were when they were healthy, young, good looking, attractive and strong.

That time they were really in control.

If you make them believe this is possible – your chances of making the sale increase tremendously.

What else do you need to make them feel to cement the sale?

Well, you need to stimulate their curiosity.

Tease them. Tell them it’s not their fault they’re aging or being sick.

Tell them it’s the establishment, because in most cases it is. And then …

… Paint in their mind the fantastic futures your product is about to present them.

Bring back past emotions, long forgotten memories, youthful thrills.

And don’t forget to prove all these almost unbelievable claims aren’t just a pipe dream.

Prove to them they’re real!

Then …

… Ask for the sale.

It’s almost certain they buy at this point.

Simple right?

Any good health copywriter should be able to do it effectively.

They should.

But most don’t.

I have done it though.

And here’s proof…

This is a promotion I wrote for The Institute for Natural Healing, a subdivision of Agora Inc.

It beat the previous control by 42.42%.

You can see it here:

How You Can Look and Feel Like You’re 30—Even into Your 50s, 60s, 70s, and Beyond…

Imagine what this means if you were my client:

If you were making a $100,000 all of a sudden you’re making $142,420.

If you were making a $1,000,000 all of a sudden you’re making $1,424,200.


If so, why not contact me now?

We’ll have a quick chat about your business – your goals and ideas.

And if we feel we’re a good match, we’ll move on to working together.

If not, we’ll go our separate ways.

No strings attached and no hard feelings.

You have nothing to lose and a lot of fresh, new sales to gain.

So why not contact me now.

You’ll be glad you did.

Yours for windfall profits,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov