How to bank 12.5% response—where 3% is considered AMAZING—just by sending a single email

In a moment I’ll show you the email that did it.

But before I do, let me explain the email copywriting strategy behind it …

This way you’ll know how to use it in your email marketing campaigns, on landing pages, or any other sales copy you run.

First, the email was carefully targeted.

“Know thy market.” as the first copywriting commandment goes.

Second, it employed proven email copywriting psychology.

“Get attention and immediately persuade them to agree with you,” as the second copywriting commandment goes.

Third, roll out your BIG, BOLD promise.

Fourth, in some way make your BIG, BOLD promise believable.

Fifth, stir up the pain.

Sixth, tell them what to do!

This is simple and HIGHLY profitable copywriting / email marketing copywriting.

I sent this short email to just 8 cold prospects ….

… It brought back one wonderful client: The Institute for Natural Healing (Agora Inc.)

That’s 12.5% hit rate – but there’s a caveat …

Here’s the email:

Don’t waste your time reading this if your sales copy already pulls so much cash that you’re set for life.

However, if you believe you should be making more money from your sales letters, here’s …

How To Boost Your Profits 30%… 36%… maybe even 48% GUARANTEED!

Dear Reader,

Is your sales copy quickly growing and scaling your business?

If not, you need to be 100% certain you crank up the cash pulling power of your sales copy right now.

See how in my resume.

Just open and read it now.

… and here’s the caveat: this short email lead the client to a powerfully persuasive “landing page” in the form of my resume.

What happened next is: I wrote a long form sales letter for my new client that increased their sales by 42.42%!

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And I don’t only boost profits for my clients as a health copywriter in the most fearfully competitive market on the planet the U.S. health market.

But why take my word for it?

Have a look at what my clients are saying:

“Our own new customer acquisition effort wasn’t working well.

Alex Popov managed to produce a 30% increase and I’m very happy.”

– Svetla Georgieva, CPA

“Our copy produced more calls. His copy produced 36 % more sales.”

– George Hristulev, founder and CEO, Web Direct

“Alex Popov’s landing page and email sequences are responsible for increasing our sales by 48 %.”

– Albena Ivanova, Marketing Director, GPS Control 

“Alex Popov’s sales copy has helped us build our company from a $ 5,000 start up to a $140,000 a year consultancy and growing.”

– Kristiana Mitkova, Marketing Director, Firebird Trainings

So let me repeat the question…

Would you like similar maybe even superior results?

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Here’s the deal:

Let me write your landing page(s), email(s), or any other sales copy you need.

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You have nothing to lose. Only a lot of fresh, new sales to gain.

Yours for windfall profits,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov




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