In a flash, he revealed the MAGIC INGREDIENT in copy

If this is missing from your online copy, your email marketing copy, or your direct mail copy, frankly you’re missing the boat.

Here it is:

“The art of copy is to go beyond logical persuasion, to move into the realm of inspiration, to move into a world where logic really doesn’t have very much place.“

The person who said this is Drayton Bird.

Drayton’s my marketing hero and a personal friend.

I’ve learned a great deal about copy from him.

And when I write, I always try to have one strong idea and I always try to express it both logically and emotionally.

So I satisfy both the logical and the emotional brain.

But of the two, the emotional brain is the one to aim for, when you want your customers or clients to make a decision in your favor.

Keep that in mind when you sell face to face or when you sell in copy.

Does your copy seduce your customers into buying from you?

If not, or if you simply want more people to buy from you more often, I may be able to help.

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Alex Popov

Alex Popov



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