The most insidious email marketing mistake

It spreads unnoticed like a dangerous disease.

It causes untold thousands of dollars in lost profits.

And all the while you think your email copywriting is doing the best profit-pulling job possible…

What is it?

Brace yourself, as what I’m about to tell you may bring an unpleasant ring to your righteous ears:

“The most insidious mistake is hiding in your own opinions.”

Because if you take your opinions as facts. If you insist on reinventing the wheel when playing the email copywriting game, you’re leaving untold amounts of money on the table.

That’s the very simple reason why I rely on proven principles when writing copy that sells. And so should you or your email marketing copywriter.

But, Alex, my results are pretty good, I hear you say.

Well what if they could be even better – much, MUCH better?

How would you know?

Simple. Test what you’re running now. Test it against a new angle. Test it against a new copywriter.

That’s what the seven, eight and nine figure direct marketers do.

So why don’t you?

Because, Alex, testing is expensive.

Not if you test your copy against mine for FREE.

Here’s how it works:More Sales or You Don’t Pay!

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These businesses did and here’s what they’re saying:

“Alex Popov’s sales copy has helped us build our company from a $ 5,000 start up to a $140,000 a year consultancy and growing.”

– Kristiana Mitkova, Marketing Director, Firebird Trainings

“Our own new customer acquisition effort wasn’t working well.

Alex Popov managed to produce a 30% increase and I’m very happy.”

– Svetla Georgieva, CPA

“Our copy produced more calls. His copy produced 36 % more sales.”

– George Hristulev, founder and CEO, Web Direct

“Alex Popov’s landing page and email sequences are responsible for increasing our sales by 48 %.”

– Albena Ivanova, Marketing Director, GPS Control 

Why leave money on the table? Why not get in touch now?

Yours for bigger paydays,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov



P.S. In December 2015, as their health copywriter, I increased the sales of the nine figure marketer Agora Inc. in the hyper-competitive U.S. health market by 42.42%.

I did it for them and I could do it for you.

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