What you see with eyes closed when she slips the gun behind your ear

Imagine you’re strolling down a dark alley… wind whistles all around you… an ethereal shadow catches up with you like a whisper and before you know it – she slips the gun behind your ear.

You close your eyes. Drops of cold sweat dripping down your spine…

What’s swirling in your mind at that very moment?

Perhaps images of things you haven’t done, places you haven’t been, joy you haven’t experienced.

There at the edge – you may feel sad for all these things and more.

But in real life now – you don’t have to!

Because there are so many amazing things to do, places to go, dreams to pursue …

In real life it’s not an ethereal shadow with a gun that’s stifling most people’s dreams. It’s lack of time, energy, money.

But it’s not all bad news.

Because in real life, if you figure out a way to make more money, that’s enough to let you enjoy the success you envision and deserve.

And to make this happen you need to make more clients buy from you more often.

And that’s where I might help.

Here’s a real-life deal for you:

Let me write your sales letter(s), landing page(s), email marketing, or any other sales copy you need.

If my copy doesn’t boost your sales – by at least 25% – you don’t pay!

I don’t think you’ll get a fairer or more straightforward deal anywhere else.

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Why trust me?

Because here’s the kind if results I get for my clients:

“Alex Popov’s sales copy has helped us build our company from a $ 5,000 start up to a $140,000 a year consultancy and growing.”

– Kristiana Mitkova, Marketing Director, Firebird Trainings

“Our own new customer acquisition effort wasn’t working well.

Alex Popov managed to produce a 30% increase and I’m very happy.”

– Svetla Georgieva, CPA

“Our copy produced more calls. His copy produced 36 % more sales.”

– George Hristulev, founder and CEO, Web Direct

“Alex Popov’s landing page and email sequences are responsible for increasing our sales by 48 %.”

– Albena Ivanova, Marketing Director, GPS Control 

These businesses are already reaping the rewards.

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Your for windfall profits,

Alex Popov

Alex Popov



P.S. In December 2015, as their health copywriter, I increased the sales of Agora Inc. in the hyper-competitive U.S. health market by 42.42%.

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